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ZONE SYSTEMS, Inc. is a zoning consulting firm that specializes in zoning and land use regulations in cities of all sizes.

We are located in Dallas, Texas. Dallas is in a metropolitan area that contains approximately 80 cities ranging in size from about 1000 people to just over 1,000,000 people.

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Zone Systems, Inc.
1620 Handley Drive, Suite A
Dallas, Texas • 75208
(214) 941-4440 • FAX (214) 941-5259
Our clients include individuals, churches, major corporations, architectural firms and other professionals who need professional zoning consulting services. We represent them in the process. We handle the entire process or a part of it depending on the client's needs.

ZONE SYSTEMS, Inc. provides land use advice and services based on the needs of our clients. All cities are different and have different regulations. We make an effort to understand the cities we work with and provide advice that will help our clients while serving the cities' needs as well.

We can help you. Just contact us. See contact page. E-mail, call us, fax or write.
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